Erin Malland

This is a pen...


Erin Malland

Raised and aged mostly in the Pacific Northwest, I have had a love of the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I began capturing nature, people, and places on film when I was given my first camera at age seven while living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I gleefully admired my Grandfather and Dad for their photography skills and equipment throughout my childhood. I took photography and video film-making classes in high school, but only pursued the art as an amateur. I began taking more photographs during the onset of the digital age when my son Donovan was born in 2009. Armed with a camera in my pocket, I take pictures with my iPhone regularly. “Yakima Apple Blossoms” and “Heritage Honey Bee” were the result of play and pursuit in embracing one moment at a time. In September 2001, I returned to the Yakima Valley where I had lived wildly as a youth on a mission to save the universe. I am a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow in the American Cultural Studies program at Heritage University. I am a mover, a shaker, a Yakima MAKER. Family, school, community, and Earth remain at the heart of everything I do.

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